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Best Hearing Aid Batteries of 2020

Best Hearing Aid Batteries of 2020

All hearing aid batteries are not created equal. And it can be hard to trust reviews, especially when there are dozens of them to sift through.

We did the work for you by sending our team out to research and compare the best hearing aid batteries. Below you’ll find reviews on different size options and brands. We double-checked verified reviews so you can feel comfortable with your choice.

The 10 great options below were judged based on a number of factors including performance, price and customer service.

Read on to find the best hearing aid battery for your needs.


Power One Mercury Free Size 312, 2 Pack (60 Batteries)

  • ​Tested and proven to hold up under extreme weather conditions

  • ​Excellent value

  • ​Guaranteed fresh, with a 3-year shelf life


Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 pack 60 batteries

  • ​Made to highest quality standards

  • ​Extra-long shelf life and battery life

  • ​Resealable protective case

Why Buying a Good Hearing Aid Battery is Critical

You depend upon your hearing in so many circumstances. From being able to hear traffic while you’re driving to listening to your favorite music, you never want to be without a great hearing aid battery.

The truth is that even the best hearing aid can fail or work inconsistently if it’s carrying an old battery. Some bargain-basement brands will be an annoyance even fresh out of the package. And others might sit on warehouse shelves for years before arriving at your door.

Buying an excellent hearing aid battery saves you time, can save you money, and allows you consistent, clear hearing. Verified hearing aid battery buyers say a great battery really does make all the difference.

A Battery is a Battery is a Battery…Isn’t it?

Not always. You may have already had the disappointment of a battery not working right out of the package. It feels like a hassle to repackage it and return it, and sometimes customer service can be sub-par when you contact them.

We researched the best brands, highest performance, and best customer service to save you time, effort and money. Below are the 10 best hearing aid batteries in different sizes so you’ll never be without great hearing.

View the 10 Best Hearing Aid Batteries Below


Power One Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Power One Mercury Free Size 312, 2 Pack (60 Batteries)

Power One gets rave reviews from users. We found it to be an all-around winner, combining excellent value with prime performance.

The battery is guaranteed fresh by the manufacturer. Expect a shelf life of up to 3 years.

This zinc battery is mercury-free and quality made in Germany. According to Power One, it’s been tested under extreme climatic conditions. That’s a great vote of confidence if you’ll be wearing your hearing device during your favorite activities.

The Power One Size 312 hearing aid battery has thousands of reviews (literally) as of the publication of this review, including a few from practicing audiologists. That’s a real vote of confidence for this particular model.

Why We Like It

  • ​Tested and proven to hold up under extreme weather conditions

  • ​Excellent value

  • ​Guaranteed fresh, with a 3-year shelf life

​​Our Rating


Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 pack 60 batteries

Any battery review is highly likely to include the Duracell brand. Here’s our top Duracell hearing aid battery choice in size 312.

Duracell stands behind its Activair name with an easy returns policy. However, satisfied customers say the battery is reliable upon receipt and stores for up to 3 years in a sealed package of 6 cells.

The 312 includes Duracell’s EasyTab design so it’s simple to insert into your hearing aid.

The cell pack comes in a re-closable protective case so you can take extra batteries along. Given these great features, Duracell has still managed to keep the price point down on the 312, making it a very attractive buy.

Why We Like It

  • ​Made to highest quality standards

  • ​Extra-long shelf life and long battery life

  • ​Resealable protective case

​​Our Rating


Rayovac Proline Advanced Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Rayovac Proline Advanced Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries44; Box - 4844; Size 312

Rayovac says this is the longest-lasting hearing aid battery in the world. We can’t vouch for that, but the company actually makes this statement in writing, which is a vote of confidence for the Proline.

The Proline was originally developed to be sold exclusively through audiologist offices. Verified customers say they can confirm that it really is that good. Power is strong out of the package and consistent during wear.

Rayovac confirms that it sells all of its Proline batteries within three months of manufacture and packaging. That means this model will perform well after 2-3 years of storage on your own shelf. Customers say they buy in bulk knowing the batteries will be good to go when they are.

Why We Like It

  • ​Originally developed for audiologist offices

  • ​Guaranteed shipment within 3 months of manufacture and storage

  • ​Super long-lasting battery life

​​Our Rating


AmazonBasics Size Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

AmazonBasics 1.45 Volt Hearing Aid Batteries - Pack of 60, Size 312

We were pretty surprised at the enthusiastic reviews for, technically, a generic brand. Customers come back again and again to buy the AmazonBasics 312 hearing aid battery. Verified reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Delivering 1.45V of power, the AmazonBasics uses what the manufacturer calls zinc air technology for clear, even sound. It has a fantastic shelf life –– 4 years –– so you can buy these in bulk and store until you’re ready.

The battery is mercury-free. It’s produced in the U.S. using U.S. and global parts.

It’s also packaged in convenient perforated cards. They’re super-easy to slip into your wallet or purse so you’re never without a fresh battery.

Why We Like It

  • ​1.45V of long-lasting power

  • ​4-year shelf life

  • ​Convenient and portable; packaged in perforated cards

​​Our Rating


Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 (Blue)

Duracell - Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 (Blue) - long lasting battery with EasyTab for ease of installation - 6 count

Once again we find Duracell in the lead, with loads of positive customer experiences. This time we reviewed the size 675.

This battery has the convenience of an extra-long tab so it’s simple to handle. The package is easy to open. Customers say these little touches can be a huge benefit, especially if they have difficulty manipulating small objects.

The Duracell 675 has a long life and lasts on the shelf (unopened, in original packaging) up to 4 years. We love that Duracell color-codes this battery series so you don’t accidentally reach for the wrong one. (In this case, the 675 is blue.)

Why We Like It

  • ​Trusted Duracell name

  • ​Extra-long shelf life and long battery life

  • ​Color coded so you’re sure to choose the right battery size

​​Our Rating


Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10

Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries: Size 10 (80 Batteries)

This size 10 hearing aid battery is another great choice from Duracell, according to verified customers.

The battery features the company’s EasyTab to simplify installing it. It comes in a reclosable package that’s small, discreet and easy to open.

Reviewers say the claims of being long-lasting are accurate. The usage life and the storage life are both great for a size 10 battery. Make sure to check the expiration date when you receive the battery and keep closed in the package during storage.

Each zinc battery delivers 1.5V of power. When you’re on the go, the package slips easily into a pocket or wallet.

Why We Like It

  • ​Trusted Duracell name

  • ​Convenient, reclosable, easy-open packaging

  • ​EasyTab installation

​​Our Rating


Rayovac Extra Advanced Hearing Aid Battery Size 10

Rayovac Extra Advanced, size 10 Hearing Aid Battery (pack 60 pcs)

Rayovac Extra is said by the manufacturer to have the longest shelf life available for hearing aid batteries. Reviews for this battery are very positive.

This advanced version is made of zinc and has 1.4V of power. They’re mercury-free, which is appealing to hearing aid wearers looking after their overall health.

To make things easier for users, it features a larger tab than some models. Verified customers applaud this extra feature.

The battery is made in the U.S. As with other Rayovac products, the packaging states that it’s the longest-lasting battery brand in the world.

Why We Like It

  • ​Large tab design for easy installation

  • ​Longest shelf life available for hearing aid batteries

  • ​Low-cost; a great value

​​Our Rating


Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13

Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries: Size 13 (80 Batteries)

Verified reviewers love the packaging for these batteries. They come in an easy-open, sleek, portable case. Grab the case, get active, and never be without an extra hearing aid battery.

Each battery delivers 1.4V of power. The batteries ship brand-new, according to the manufacturer.

They have a long shelf life, so it’s easy to buy in bulk and store them. (Check the expiration date upon receipt.) The carrying case is protective for travel or storage.

Like other Duracell hearing aid batteries, the size 13 features an EasyTab to make installation a cinch. This battery is an amazing value at a price customers appreciate.

Why We Like It

  • ​Trusted Duracell name

  • ​A great value/low cost

  • ​EasyTab installation

​​Our Rating


Power One Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13

Power One Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries

Here’s another economic, high-performing choice from Power One. This mercury-free battery has a convenient installation tab. It’s discreetly packaged in wheels of 6 batteries each.

The Power One size 13 battery has a long expiration date (at least 2 years, according to verified reviewers). It’s a great value as well. While it isn’t the most inexpensive battery on the market, it lasts longer and saves customers money, users say.

Reviews are extremely positive for the battery itself, the shipping, and customer service. It carries the well-known Power One name, making it a more trustworthy buy than some brands. The manufacturer verifies that the battery is mercury-free.

Why We Like It

  • ​Great value

  • ​Long battery life and shelf life

  • ​Convenient, compact wheel-style packaging

​​Our Rating


Powermax HearRite Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 (Orange)

Powermax Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries, Orange Tab, Made In the USA, 64 Count

Here’s another choice that’s color-coded. This is such a great feature, as it can be easy to reach for the wrong size battery due to similar packaging. This size (13) is color coded in orange.

The battery is an exceptional value for the price. Each package contains 8 cells in a wheel. The battery has a tab for easy insertion into your hearing aid.

Powermax gives its written verification that batteries arrive fresh so you can store them longer. The batteries are mercury-free, so they’re safe to wear in your hearing aid.

Customers say there’s real power in the performance of these value batteries. They also love how easy the battery is to change due to the long tab.

Why We Like It

  • ​Exceptional bargain

  • ​Convenient packaging (8 cells per package)

  • ​Orange color-coding so you always buy the right size

​​Our Rating

​Hearing Aid Battery Buyer’s Guide

All hearing aid batteries say they’re great; some claim to be the best of their type, brand, or even globally.

We put those claims to the test and came up with a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself when buying your next hearing aid battery. Here’s what you need to know.

Is the Hearing Aid Battery the Right Size?

The most important feature of your hearing aid battery is that it actually fits your hearing aid. That may sound overly-simplified, but the reality is that it’s easy to accidentally grab for (or click on) the brand and type of battery you want in the wrong size.

Some of the choices above offer color-coding so it’s harder to make this mistake. However, not every brand does this. Triple-check the battery size before ordering.

Is the Hearing Aid Battery Really a Bargain?

During our research we noticed that hearing aid batteries were priced in different package quantities. And some had fewer or more cells per individual package.

Make sure you do your math to find out how much you’re paying per battery. And make sure verified, real reviews state that the battery is long-lasting and gives consistent power. That way you’ll know whether it’s really a bargain or just creative wording.

Who’s the Manufacturer?

We’re not brand snobs, but like with other hearing aid accessories, sometimes choosing the right supplier can make a difference. Make sure you either know the manufacturer well, or the manufacturer has a solid guarantee and returns policy.

How Fresh is the Hearing Aid Battery Package?

You may not think of freshness when it comes to hearing aid batteries, but any batteries can lose their mojo after years on a warehouse shelf.

Check for a guarantee that batteries are shipped within 6 months at most on the shelf (3-4 months is an even better choice). The package should come stamped with an expiration date that’s at least 2 years into the future. If not, contact the supplier.

Is the Hearing Aid Battery Guaranteed Mercury-Free?

Most hearing aid batteries we checked stated that they were mercury free. Do check that there’s a guarantee of no mercury in your hearing aid battery. The supplier should state an actual guarantee of this for your safety.


It’s actually quite amazing what a difference a great battery can make for your hearing aid’s sound quality. Poor-quality hearing aid batteries really are frustrating. Make sure you’re choosing carefully.

The best hearing aid batteries deliver reliable, consistent power, are backed by great customer service, and won’t drain your wallet. Choose from the above list to enjoy better hearing today, and every day.

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