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Empower Hearing Amplifier [2020 Review]

Empower Hearing Amplifier [2020 Review]

Hearing amplifiers are so inexpensive that even the higher-end models seem like a deal. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean it isn’t smart to comparison shop.

We did the work for you with this comparison between two high-performance, economic hearing amplifier options from industry leader Empower Hearing Solutions.

In order to gather our data for this Empower Hearing Amplifier review our research team investigated input from over 500 verified buyers.

We then cross-checked our conclusions by vetting the data. Our team compared price points, reliability, the manufacturer’s reputation and ease of use for each model.

Customers like either the original or Wave version for different reasons, each of which we’ll go over here. Both amplifiers for the hearing impaired deliver powerful and consistent amplification. Each also comes with customer service and a solid returns policy.

Here’s everything you need to know about these two picks from a trusted industry leader.

Empower Hearing Amplifier (Original)

Empower Hearing Amplifier. Digital Noise Reduction, Feedback Cancellation Enhances Speech. 4 Program Nearly Invisible Behind The Ear 12 Channel Device Aids Hearing. Ready to Wear, 1 Yr Warranty

  • ​Clear digital amplification

  • ​12-band processing

  • ​Picks up sounds of the human voice

  • ​One-switch program + volume control

  • ​Tiny and discrete

​Empower Wave Sound Amplifier

Empower Wave Sound Amplifier (Both Ears)

  • ​Rich, nuanced sound

  • ​High-frequency/normal amplification

  • ​Picks up all ambient sound

  • ​Large volume dial

  • ​Virtually invisible when worn

The above is a quick rundown of features. If you’re looking for our in-depth assessment of both hearing amplifier models, read on for complete results of our investigations for each.

The information below also serves as a buyer’s guide for amplifiers for the hard of hearing. Make sure you check out each of the features we’ve discussed if they’re available on the hearing amplifier you’re considering. They’re top on most clients’ lists of must-haves for non-prescription hearing boosters.


Empower Hearing Amplifier (Original)

Empower Hearing Amplifier. Digital Noise Reduction, Feedback Cancellation Enhances Speech. 4 Program Nearly Invisible Behind The Ear 12 Channel Device Aids Hearing. Ready to Wear, 1 Yr Warranty

Developed by an MD-and-cardiologist team, the Empower was originally released as an affordable answer to pricey prescription hearing aids. It primarily picks up on face-to-face or nearby conversation, something verified reviewers who are hard of hearing say they’ve been missing.

Customers say the Empower also moderately amplifies traffic, the sounds of nature, and important tones such as your alarm clock or cell phone. It’s a great device for clear, digital amplification using 12-band processing so you can tune it to your environment.

One of the features buyers like most about the Empower is that it’s discrete. It’s the width of a pencil and fits securely behind the ear. Meanwhile, the price is just right for those looking to improve their audio input in day-to-day situations. 

​Key Features

  • Clear digital amplification

  • 12-band processing

  • Picks up sounds of the human voice

  • One-switch program + volume control

  • Tiny and discrete

​​Our Rating


Empower Wave Sound Amplifier

Empower Wave Sound Amplifier (Both Ears)

The Empower Wave delivers a fantastic sound boost that’s rich and true. There’s no annoying feedback, verified reviewers say. The Wave enhances not just conversation but also outdoor sounds, traffic, announcements and other ambient noise. Verified reviewers say the phone is also clear when they use this device.

Choose high or normal frequency with crystal-clear pitch at the turn of a button. The large-size dial is ideal for those who with dexterity issues. It adjusts easily at a single touch.

While it’s powerful, the Empower Wave is so small it’s undetectable when worn, happy customers say. The amplifier portion is just the width of a pencil and just under an inch and a half long. The tubing is clear, flexible and is durable, according to reports.

​Key Features

  • Rich, nuanced sound

  • High-frequency/normal amplification

  • Picks up all ambient sound

  • Large volume dial

  • Virtually invisible when worn

​​Our Rating

Key Features of the Empower Hearing Amplifiers

Make sure you check out each of the below features, whether you’re considering an Empower or some other hearing amplification device. Each point listed here pops on most clients’ lists of must-haves, so keep them in mind.

Amplification Levels and Sound Clarity

The Empower: This hearing amplifier model was designed specifically to pick up the natural tones of conversation. Since face-to-face interactions are among the first issues the hearing impaired are affected by, the Empower is a great choice for those with mild hearing loss, verified reviewers say.

The Empower Wave: The Wave is enhanced to amplify ambient sound. It’s great for environments where you need to hear noises around you. This includes conversation as well as traffic, your name being called, or airport/hotel loudspeaker announcements. It also helps you hear over the phone without annoying feedback.

Cost Comparison of the Two Hearing Amplifiers

The Empower: This hearing amplification device was created by two doctors to make better hearting accessible to those who might not be able to afford $3000-5000 or more for a hearing aid. It’s definitely an economic choice but doesn’t skimp on reliability or function.

The Empower Wave: You’ll pay a bit more for this updated version of the Empower. However, it’s still thousands of dollars less than prescription hearing aids. Purchase just one or buy a pair and you’re still spending far less than you would on comparable devices, verified customers say.

Battery Usage and Free Batteries with Purchase

The Empower: The Empower requires size 10 batteries. A purchase of this product conveniently includes 6 batteries. (Please check the quantity of batteries at the time of purchase, as it may change.)

The Empower Wave: The Wave requires size 10 batteries. A purchase of one Wave device comes with 6 batteries. (Please check the quantity of batteries at the time of purchase, as it may change.)

Size of the Hearing Amplifiers

The Empower: The Empower is less than an inch and three quarters long and fits easily behind the ear.

The Empower Wave: The Wave is super-tiny, at just 1.37 inches long and the width of a pencil. It’s virtually undetectable behind the ear.

Tubing and Silicone Tips

The Empower: Tubes are clear, flexible and nearly undetectable. It’s quite possible to wear this hearing amplifier and have nobody notice, according to verified buyers. The tip fits comfortably.

The Empower Wave: This device also has clear tubes that are almost invisible to the eye. The tip fits securely and customers say they don’t even notice that it’s in.

Degree of Hearing Loss Each Amplifier Addresses

Both the Empower and the Empower Wave are designed for mild to low-moderate hearing loss. For severe or advanced hearing loss, consult your physician.

The Empower and the Wave help you hear conversations, some ambient sound, loudspeaker announcements, and the phone.

What’s Included With Your Purchase

Each hearing amplifier comes with the following:

  • One left ear, one right ear or one pair (left and right ear) device/s
  • Carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • 6 X size 10 batteries
  • Tubing
  • Tips

Please check that each device still comes with all of the above before you order. Add-ons are subject to change.

Empower Hearing Solutions: Are They Reputable?

Southfield, MI-based Empower Hearing Solutions was developed by a two-person team of doctors to help the average person hear better. They’re easily reachable by email or phone. Customer service is rated excellent by quite a few reviewers.

The Empower Hearing Solutions website includes user manuals on several of its items. If you don’t see the Empower or Wave there, contact customer service with any questions.

The company’s bottom line is that they want you to be 100% satisfied with their product. That’s good news for buyers, who can feel comfortable buying when the products are guaranteed. Try either the Empower or the Empower wave for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll receive a full purchase price refund.

The Bottom Line: Which Empower Hearing Amplifier Should You Choose?

We feel confident recommending the Empower line, but your experience will be unique. Make sure that whatever hearing amplifier you purchase comes with a returns policy. A free warranty is great, too.

We’ve compared two of our favorite Empower models above, but they’re both excellent choices and are backed by enthusiastic customer reviews. Remember to check verified, non-sponsored customer reviews before buying these or any sound amplification device.

While both the devices help deliver clear, non-feedback interrupted sound, the Wave appears to afford slightly more clarity with situations such as being on the phone or watching TV. Your degree of hearing loss may be part of why you choose one hearing amplifier over the other. If you’re not sure, you may want to start with less amplification and work your way up if you need more of a sound boost.

We hope this review helps you make your choice. Your hearing is important. Don’t miss out on conversations, events or get-togethers –– there are excellent, economic options that can help.

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