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NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier Review (2020)

NewEar is recognized the world over as one of the leading producers of hearing aids, sound amplification systems, and ear protection devices on the market today. The NewEar ITC Hearing AmplifierNewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier Review (2020) 1

is no exception, being what the company describes as a revolutionary product.

The NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier one of the cheapest sound amplification devices of its kind out there, and is as much of a serious contender when it comes to quality and design as it is for value for money.

It boasts several great features, including being so compact and lightweight that it’s easy to forget you have anything in your ears. It discreetly provides the wearer with crystal-clear, well-amplified sound.

newear itc hearing amplifier

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Just like every other product out there, the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier has its own pros and cons. In this post, we’ll take an intricate look at them to help you decide whether this is the hearing aid for you.

Who is the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier designed for?

The number of people suffering from hearing issues is on the rise — thanks to our aging population. As people get older, hearing loss in one or both ears becomes common, and can gradually worsen. This means that by the time they are in their 60s or 70s, some people could find themselves partially deaf.

Another reason why people have hearing problems these days is as a result of being accustomed to very loud sound. Most susceptible to this are musicians and frequent concertgoers, but it can also affect construction or factory workers who are constantly around loud machinery,  or even just those who like to have their TV volume loud all the time.

The NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier is great for the aging folks among us, but would also be perfect for any adult who finds themselves with hearing issues—whether mild or severe—and in need of a powerful yet discreet hearing amplifier.

Standout features of the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier

NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier Review (2020) 3NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier Review (2020) 1

>>> Check Price on AmazonNewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier Review (2020) 1

Designed to be small, yet powerful

These days, no one wants be seen with big, bulky aids that attract unwanted attention. The NewEar ITC’s designers understand this, and have taken time and care to create something discreet but incredibly effective that is designed to fit comfortably and unnoticeably in every ear.

Superior amplification

While every hearing amplifier on the market claims to make sound louder, the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier uses premium technology to ensure that surrounding sound waves are properly absorbed, so you hear everything you need to. For those sounds you don’t want to hear, the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier is fitted with a noise reduction feature which creates an acoustic seal for to ensure that all background noise is completely eliminated. That way, there will be no unwanted buzzes or drones to distract you, and you won’t miss a thing.

Unique design

Image is everything, and NewEar knows that. The novel, attractive design incorporates mini microprocessor technology into the device, making for a compact solution that captures all the sound you need to hear, while being exceedingly stylish and comfortable to wear.

User-friendly and very reliable

No one likes to spend money replacing entire hearing aids for the sake of minor wear. Not only can the costs add up, but throwing away a perfectly good hearing aid is a waste of resources, and not at all good for the planet. Fortunately, the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier is a tried and tested, reliable option designed to stand the test of time. The device comes with 3 sets of soft tips that can be swapped for your comfort, offering a replacement that won’t add any extra to either the trash or your credit card bill. Thanks to the premium build quality and tough case included with the device, you won’t need to worry about replacements for a long time.

Long battery life

How would you feel if you were stranded in the middle of a conversation without being able to hear the person you were talking to all because your batteries are dead? NewEar know how embarrassing this can be, so have designed the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier with top-grade, energy efficient materials to consume very little power, resulting in a battery life that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

Adjustable digital volume control

Thanks to the NewEar ITC’s digital volume control capability, you can have the perfect level of amplification for any situation at your fingertips. This allows you to filter what you hear easily, ensuring you have an optimum hearing experience. You wouldn’t want the sound you need to hear being drowned out by what you don’t!

So, as you can see, the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier offers a compact and discreet yet durable solution to all your hearing woes, and its hard wearing design, protective case and replaceable soft tips will ensure you have a high-quality hearing aid for years to come. The mini microprocessor technology provides digitally filtered sound every time.

A few useful tips for using the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier

For those of you now considering using the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier for the first time, don’t worry! We know using a new hearing aid might be a little daunting, so we’ve collected a few tips for use that should come in handy right out of the box.

  • To ensure you position the hearing aid properly, insert it securely into your ear canal (changing the soft tips to achieve a comfortable fit as needed). To check it’s stable, try wiggling it up and down a few times. If it becomes dislodged, adjust either the position or the tip size until the fit is snug.
  • If you notice a whistling once the hearing aid is in place, you may need to check that both the position and fit are correct. Try changing tip sizes, then put the hearing aid in again to check if the sound is still present.
  • If the sound coming from the amplifier seems weak, check for blockages in the earpiece.
  • If the amplifier stops working altogether, don’t panic! It may be that it just needs a battery change. To get it working again, decrease the volume of the device, change the batteries, increase the volume again, and clean the earpiece. After this, you should be fine.

Pros of the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier

  • There are no delays between the earpiece receiving the sound waves and amplification when using this device, unlike many others. This means you always stay in the center of the action as it happens!
  • The design allows the device to sit comfortably in your ears, and the tip sizes ensure a perfect fit.
  • The amplifier is not just comfortable to wear, but incredibly discreet for everyday use.
  • The NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier is compact and so lightweight it has a real ‘barely there’ feel.
  • Considering the price points of its competitors, the amplifier is also excellent value for money.

Cons of the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier

  • Some users report whistling and squelching sounds occurring even when the fit is comfortable, which can be irritating, especially when having crucial discussions at work or the doctor’s office, for example.

Our Verdict

All things considered, the NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier is a really cool piece of tech that provides you with good value for money and an effective amplification experience.

While not the absolute best amplifier on the market, it is one of the most affordable, and definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for a simple, effective, discreet hearing amplifier that’s on the cheaper side. Why not try it out and see for yourself? We think It’s definitely impressive for the price!

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