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Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid: EARGO Neo HiFi (review)

Losing your hearing can be a frustrating ordeal. Not only do you need a prescription for a hearing aid but you have to also wear one in plain view of friends and family. The EARGO Neo HiFi Hearing Aid solves both of those problems.

There are no doctor visits required to acquire an EARGO Neo Hifi. Fitting comfortably inside the ear canal, they are also virtually invisible.

Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid: EARGO Neo HiFi (review) 1Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid: EARGO Neo HiFi (review) 2

Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid: EARGO Neo HiFi (review) 3EARGO Neo HiFi: Prescription Free

The Neo HiFi can be bought without a prescription. No doctor visit required. You don’t even need a hearing test. The Neo HiFi has 4 custom sound profiles for you to choose from ranging from mild to severe.

Additionally, EARGO has a mobile app to fine tune the Neo HiFi to your own specifications. A Personal Hearing Professional from EARGO can help you dial in the settings for your unique needs.

EARGO Neo HiFi: Quality Audio

The Neo HiFi amplifies speech and lessens background sounds making noisy, bustling settings a non-obstacle in your everyday life. Also, the Neo HiFi incorporates a wind noise reduction feature allowing for clear conversations even outdoors.

With quality noise reduction and feedback cancellation, the Neo HiFi has a natural quality sound.

EARGO Neo HiFi: Virtually invisible

Traditional bulky hearing aids are worn behind the ear. However, the Neo Hifi devices are virtually invisible. The small, sleek devices are inserted into your ear canal so no one will detect that you are wearing them.

EARGO’s Flexi TetraPalms provide a high quality listening experience while also adding to the comfort and quality of the fit. You’ll be amazed by the many modern features of the Neo HiFi compared to traditional hearing aids.

EARGO Neo HiFi: Rechargeable

Traditional hearing aids require you to buy new batteries frequently. Their batteries only last weeks or sometimes even days. But the EARGO Neo HiFi has rechargeable batteries.

The EARGO case doubles as a charger. When fully charged the Neo HiFi devices last a week. A quick charge of 30 minutes will allow you to use the Neo HiFi’s for a few hours.

Final thoughts and recommendations

As can be seen, the EARGO Neo HiFi is a powerful, modern take on the hearing aid. It’s a good option for someone who wants a high quality hearing aid for a lower price and without a series of audiologist visits.

The sleek modern design that allows for discreet use. The rechargeable batteries. And the quality audio make it a great choice for an over the counter hearing aid option.

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